Induction Heat Treating: Outsourcing Advantages

The goal of your manufacturing business is to create the leanest process possible, while still creating your desired outputs. When looking at your business model, you wonder what could be outsourced to an experienced third-party provider. Induction heat treating is one of those areas.

When it comes to your high volume metal heat treating needs, there are significant benefits to outsourcing that you cannot ignore. If you have an in-house machine, you need to focus on labor, machine upkeep, technological advancement and so more much. When you outsource your parts for heat treating, the only thing you need to focus on is cost per unit.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider when determining to outsource your induction heat treating or buying an in-house machine instead.

1. Expertise

Heat treating is a labor-intensive piece of the manufacturing process. Trained staff is important in ensuring you are producing quality parts for your customers. If there are not already members on staff with this experience, a professional will need to train them. This could be an additional upfront cost if you need to bring someone in from a third party to train your staff.

Beyond staffing expertise, there will also be a testing phase for the machine and understanding its capabilities. This phase could take up to 6 months before that machine is producing quality heat-treated parts.

If you need to get parts heat treated quickly, an in-house machine may not be your best option. For instance, Zion has long-standing employees already in place and properly trained. Because of this, it can get heat treated parts back to its customers within a few weeks.

If you are looking to outsource induction heat treating, look for a company that specializes in it. Trust a leader in their field so you can focus on your own core competencies and processes.

2. Technology shifts

In today’s world, technology moves at a fast pace. It’s common to buy a new smartphone or computer and a few months later, a new and better version come outs. The manufacturing industry, heat treating included, is no different.

Beyond training of staff, there is also machine upkeep to consider. If a new technology comes out to streamline the heat treating process, you will need to stay up-to-date on these emerging shifts.

The induction machine will require routine maintenance and need to be fixed if it breaks down. Staff will need to pay attention to safety regulations and updating and improving as necessary to make sure machines stay in proper parameters. And then there may need to be additional safety training sessions for employees if this machine resided in house.

3. Workspace

For some companies, they may only want to add one induction machine. If so, the above factors may not be enough for them to want to outsource this service. However, is it feasible if there are multiple parts that need this process? Adding more machines also means taking up more floor space. This initiative may outgrow the space’s limitations.

Find the Best Solution for Your Customers

From employee training to safety regulations to technology improvements to area logistics, there are significant reasons why you should consider outsourcing induction heat treating. Let Zion help you deliver the highest quality parts to your customers, in a timely manner.

While some companies may have one induction machine, Zion’s sole focus has been on high volume metal heat treating since its inception in 1977. Give us a call at 330-483-4650 to learn more about how our expertise can save you money, while also providing quality service. Or, request a quote today!.

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