At Zion Industries, we create opportunities for people to thrive.

At Zion Industries, we believe in fostering a work environment that goes beyond just a job. We believe that the success of our organization is driven by the growth and achievements of our employees. At Zion, our employee value proposition encompasses six key factors that contribute to our employees’ overall satisfaction and success:

Value Proposition 1:


We foster a supportive and inclusive workplace where teamwork and collaboration are valued.

At Zion, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community that encourages strong relationships and a sense of belonging among team members.  We foster a culture where employees can rely on their colleagues and leaders, knowing that we are all working towards a shared set of goals. Our team camaraderie creates an environment where ideas are encouraged, contributions are valued, and success is celebrated together. 

“I can be me – we forgive each other. There is never any animosity.”

“For me, I feel like I am part of a family here.” 

“We really have a team here; we stand together.  It is all of our jobs.”  

Value Proposition 2:

Career Opportunities for People to Thrive

We recognize that meaningful work is essential for employee engagement and satisfaction.

We believe in nurturing the growth and development of our employees and promoting from within.  At Zion, you’ll have access to a wide range of career opportunities and internal advancement. Additionally, if you are looking for a career change or if this is your first time in the industry, we will give you the skills you need to learn and succeed. From on-the-job training to certification programs, to tuition reimbursement for secondary education, we provide professional development to empower our employees to reach their full potential.  All you need to do is ask and we will help you get there.   

Value Proposition 3:

Healthy Work-Life Balance

We recognize that each employee's circumstances and responsibilities outside of Zion vary.

We work with our employees toward mutually beneficial work schedule modifications, provided we can still meet our customers’ needs.  This allows our employees to better manage their personal commitments while still meeting their commitments to the company. 

At Zion, we strive to establish a culture where employees can put their family first while still excelling in their career, resulting in increased job satisfaction and overall well-being. 

“In tune to what is happening with you and at home; family oriented.” 

“The company was very helpful during my own personal emergency – I still had accountability but it was reasonable, and they handled it really well.”  

Value Proposition 4:

Company Benefits Program

We offer competitive, market-based compensation programs that align with industry standards and recognize the skills and expertise individuals bring to the table.

Our goal is to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your capabilities and contributions. Beyond base pay, we understand that a comprehensive benefits program is essential to support our employees’ and their family’s overall well-being. Our benefits package includes healthcare coverage, a 401k retirement savings plan, paid vacation and paid personal leave, and as well as other perks like time-of-service awards. We understand that the healthcare landscape is drastically changing, which can feel straining, so we are committed to reviewing and improving our programs to meet the evolving needs of our employees while still maintaining the fiscal health of the company. We take employee feedback seriously, and if we see there is a gap, we will do our best to improve it.   

Value Proposition 5:


Zion has established a strong foundation as a premier provider in the heat-treating industry since our founding in 1977.

We have team members that have been with us almost the entire way – over 40 years Our stability is grounded in our ability to adapt to market changes, navigate challenges, and consistently thrive amidst uncertainty. While privately held, we openly share our fiscal performance results, so our employees know where we stand. Our employees have a sense of security and know that they are part of a company with a proven track record of long-term success.

Value Proposition 6:

Values Based Organization

Zion is a company that strives to operate the business according to a set of core values. This foundation shapes the way conduct ourselves both individually and collectively as a team.

Our owner’s Christian faith has helped shape Zion over the years and sets us apart from other workplaces because we strive to be more than just a place to work, but rather, a community who supports and uplifts one another These values can be seen and observed through our organization’s Core Values Devoted to Honesty, Committed to Quality, Passionate for the Customer, and Dedicated to FamilyAs a result, we have been able to build an internal community where employees feel connected and supported. 

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