Furnace tempering is available in Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina.

Furnace Tempering is a controllable gas or electric oven that can “soak” a part at elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, or batch process a large number of parts in one shot to reduce overall production time. As an experienced heat treating company, you can find assurance in Zion Industries’ furnace tempering services.

Metals benefit from heat treating to help them achieve optimum physical properties. Some advantages to this service include an increase in your part’s toughness and overall ductility. The exact amount of hardness achieved by furnace tempering is determined by the temperature used, and also depends on the specific composition and the desired properties of the finished product.

Why choose Zion for your furnace tempering needs?

At Zion, we put our decades of experience as induction heat treating experts to work for you, so that your specific needs are met. We are a leading provider of induction heat treating solutions, such as furnace tempering, to areas in Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina. Our goal is to offer you flexible solutions that meet your needs as well as your budget.

For more information on how Zion can serve you or to learn more about our specialized induction heating services, request a quote today! We strive for excellence in both service and quality, so our team is ready to deliver the unmatched solutions our customers have come to expect.

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