Since 1977, Zion has been a trusted source of heat-treating services for companies in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and the surrounding states. Other companies might offer induction as one of many heat treatment processes, but at Zion, it is our sole focus. Our longevity, concentrated expertise, and quality of work are what set us apart from our competitors.

When working with third parties in your manufacturing process, you want to partner with companies you know to respond quickly and deliver consistently. At Zion, we have been fostering the right values for decades including devotion to honesty, a deep passion for our customers, a commitment to quality and a dedication to family.


Zion specializes in induction heating above all else. With over 100 employees, our team of engineers and technicians are all dedicated to induction – which means Zion can handle your most complex and high-volume jobs with ease.

With decades of experience, Zion knows the kinds of parts we can successfully induction heat treat, and which may need a different design to achieve their intended hardness goal. Whether your project is straightforward or requires material and design recommendations, our knowledge is a significant benefit to customers.

Tooling & Equipment

Unlike generalized heat treating companies with one or a few induction machines, we have more than 30 machines designed and built in-house, to help maximize productivity and turnaround. With three induction heat treating operations, Zion can be responsive to your high-volume part requests.

Along with our machines, we make most tooling in-house. Ordering outsourced tooling can add costs and time to an induction project. Zion significantly decreases job lead times by building and repairing our equipment on-site.

Commitment to Quality

Zion prides itself on turning out quality parts that will withstand demanding conditions. Industries like automotive, aerospace and manufacturing need trusted and reliable components that are strengthened with induction heating.

Through both training and quality assurance, we provide the highest value to customers. We adhere to the highest standards, with industry certifications including the IATF-16949 and the CQI-9 for the automotive sector.


We attribute much of our customer satisfaction and loyalty to our core value commitment – starting with our devotion to honesty. Zion operates with transparency that shows our customers we have their best interests in mind always.

Our dedication to honesty, the customer, quality, and family is reflected in the way we do business and operate our organization. Business is always personal, and Zion knows without trust, customer relationships cannot flourish.

Working with a knowledgeable and trustworthy induction heating partner means a higher quality part for your business. Contact us to get started.

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