Professional heat treating services in Ohio, Michigan & North Carolina

induction heat treating

Zion Industries, a leader in induction heat treating since 1977, is ready to assist you with all your induction heating needs, no matter what the occasion. With its energy-efficient nature and controllable methods, many industries benefit from induction heating’s fast, consistent treatment. Zion Industries offers state-of-the-art induction heat treating services for various industries and applications such as aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, energy, railroad, and more.

In addition to our Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan locations we also provide services to areas such as Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and more. Our wide range of heat treating services are just the beginning, we also offer process development, & personalized consulting for each and every one of our clients – no matter the industry!

Industries we serve with induction heat treating include:

… and more!

Why choose Zion Industries for your induction heating needs?

You can count on Zion Industries to handle any of your needs, no matter how specific! We have over 40 years of experience as a commercial heat treating company, with fine-tuned services that lead the market in quality induction heating and metal heat treating equipment. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and innovative systems for prolonged performance.

Our services, equipment and process give you the most flexible solution for today’s and your future needs. Are you ready to experience success with induction heat treating? Request a quote today to get started.

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