Induction Heating Companies – Expert Q & A

Bob Puls has been with Zion Industries – one of the premier industrial induction heating companies – for nearly 30 years and he is here to answer your questions. They will guide you about an array of questions, including our induction processes, materials we can heat-treat, or your specific part print.

Induction heat treating offers outstanding benefits, including hardeningannealing and brazing metals and other conductive materials.

While you may understand a higher surface hardness is required, you might not be certain of the exact material properties or heat treat specifications needed.

Please send us your question to receive an expert answer from Bob and his team. We will respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

Ask Zion’s Owner A Question About Induction Heat Treating

    induction heat treating expert

    Meet Your Induction Heat Treating Expert

    Bob has been with the family business since 1991, and has over 30 years of experience working in the induction heat treating industry. He has opened and launched heat treating facilities, taught classes in induction heating, and has served as a panelist AND speaker at the ASM Heat Treating Society annual conference. He’s even a Certified TS16949 Internal Auditor.

    In other words, Bob’s a “hot” commodity in an energized industry. Before selecting an induction partner for your next project, many decisions must be made about your engineered part – everything from specifying material chemistry to strengthening surface areas subject to wear and abrasion.

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