Induction Tempering Steel

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Zion is a leader in the induction heat treating industry providing a variety of heat treating services, including induction tempering, in Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. Induction tempering is a heat treating process normally performed after the induction hardening process has completed. It is performed at a lower temperature than the induction hardening process in order to reach a desired hardness range or to add toughness to the part by increasing ductility. Induction tempering of steel typically is done with low-frequencies to produce results in seconds similar to furnace tempering applications that typically take hours.

Why use induction tempering?

Our induction tempering process generates results quickly. Tempering of hardened steels is a function of both time and temperature. Induction tempering uses shorter heating times (usually only seconds) and higher temperature to produce results equivalent to furnace tempering treatments that often require hours. Induction tempering can be performed on all hardened components. The result is a component with increased toughness, ductility and impact strength.

Why choose Zion Industries?

As a commercial heat-treating company with decades of experience, you can trust Zion Industries to precisely meet your specific needs. Zion was founded in 1977 and we have since become one of the most respected induction heat specialists in North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan. We are the preferred partner to all of our customers because we offer specialized services to meet all needs in induction heating. Our commitment to high quality, fast turnaround, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, makes us the smartest choice in induction heating.

Choose Zion Industries with confidence. Are you ready to experience success with induction tempering? Give us a call at (330) 483-4650 or request a quote today to learn more.

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