Heat Treating Part Inspection Provides Superior Quality

To ensure the best induction heating services, Zion offers state-of-the-art inspection processes.

At Zion Industries we pride ourselves in offering solutions that meet multiple specifications from our customers and the heat treating industry. In order to maintain the highest level of quality during our induction heating process, we provide first and last piece inspections. These include inspection for all characteristics required on the part specific blue prints and applicable specifications.

How we handle testing during heat treating

To ensure your materials meet your exact specifications, we complete two hour heat treating inspections that include as-quench surface hardness, induction hardness pattern location, and magnetic particle evaluations. We also do inspections every eight hours, repeating all the two hours inspection routines plus an evaluation for case depth – either total or effective depth –depending on the requirements. Finally, we perform resultant hardness inspections after the parts are tempered, as a part of the process.

Our heat treating inspections allow us to work with you on every level of your project, from engineering support to large volume production runs.

Why choose Zion for your heat treating services

We pride ourselves to solving heat treating problems for Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Working with our customers is the best way to provide a superior product, and we look forward to your heat treating needs no matter how difficult.

Our pricing is competitive, and we’re happy to review your prints or specifications to come up with a solution in your target price range. Our goal is to provide you with custom service that exceeds your expectations.
Are you ready to experience success with induction heat treating? Request a quote today to get started.

Lou Ghinga
Plant Manager, Valley City, OH
Zion Industries, Inc.

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