Success Stories: Backup Supplier

At Zion Industries we work with our customers on many different levels. We supply regular production to many of our customers as well as prototype and emergency services. We also work with some customers as backup suppliers.

By having the opportunity to PPAP the products ahead of time, it helps us to be prepared when the need to run the products in an emergency situation arises. We would like to share with you one example of such an event.

We received a phone call from one of our customers who we had done some business with in the past. The customer is a large manufacturer of spindles that are used in the truck industry, both in tractors and trailers. This particular customer had brought all induction work in house in the past few years, but kept Zion current on all PPAP products and provided some overflow work to keep the products current within our system.

The customer was concerned that their Induction Heat Treating system was down. They had no idea how long the repairs would take and were concerned with missing customer deliveries. We were notified that the parts were on their way. As we had all paperwork ready and had processed the parts in house before, we were able to start setting up the equipment in anticipation of the parts arriving. By the next morning the parts had arrived. We setup and did all of the quality checks using the recently arrived parts, we were up and running by noon.

After all the product had been run, the customer was notified that the parts would be in temper that evening and ready for pickup the next morning. They were quite pleased and notified us that more parts were on their way. We processed parts for several more days while the equipment was repaired and validated.

We look forward to seeing if we can help you by being your backup supplier. Today’s fast paced, just-in-time systems demand good contingency planning and backup sources. By developing Zion Industries as a ready back-up supplier, you can properly support your customers in the event of equipment or other failures at your facility. We look forward to discussing your particular needs to see if Zion Industries can be your backup Induction Heat Treating source.

Lou Ghinga
Zion Industries, Inc.

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