Induction Heating . . . And Other Services

Induction Hardening

At Zion Industries,  the most common heat-treating service that we provide is Induction Hardening. But many of our projects also involve other processes that are not Induction Hardening, but typically an Induction process or some of the many related post Induction process services.

In addition to Induction Hardening, we also provide Induction Annealing and Induction Brazing services.  Both of these processes, when performed with Induction rather than a traditional furnace or torch process, offer many advantages.

For Induction Annealing we are able to selectively “soften” critical areas to improve ductility while maintaining other areas in a hardened sate for strength or wear resistance.

For Induction Brazing operations, it is often a quicker process than a furnace process or flame process;  often times resulting in a part with less distortion as well as not having other key areas heated beyond an acceptable temperature.

Induction processing will often have other secondary operations that we can also provide, and provide them all from the same source and same location.

We are able to reduce transportation costs and improve delivery times for our customers for these services.  Magnetic Particle Inspection and Hardness Testing services are some of the additional quality services that we offer.

We also offer Straightening services for many of the bars and shafts that we process as well as some washing and sand blasting that may be required after the Induction process.

If you have any need for induction heating or related services, we would be glad to discuss your needs by phone or in person.

Lou Ghinga
Zion Industries, Inc

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