Improving Induction Heat Treating Quality and Productivity with Robotics

At Zion Industries, our goal is to be the best Induction Heat Treating supplier. Because we strive to continuously improve our operations, we have recently introduced robots into our operations that enhance safety, quality and increase capacity and productivity at our facilities.


Safety is a priority at Zion Industries. Induction heat treating means sometimes we have to handle parts at high temperatures. It can be a challenging environment and there are many safety procedures that must be followed. The addition of our robots reduces the risk of hot parts being handled. It also reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries and parts being dropped, that may cause injuries or part damage. By keeping our employees safe, we are not only protecting their health and wellbeing, but we’re also ensuring that our team members are here to help meet production demand so we can deliver parts on time, every time.


Our robots perform repetitive tasks consistently and operate with high levels of precision. By eliminating the possibility of human error, we can deliver predictable and consistent world-class quality. You can be certain that your orders will meet your exact specifications.


Because many industries continue to struggle with workforce shortages, robotics can fill employment gaps for some manufacturing processes. Robots require little downtime aside from routine maintenance and can handle high work speeds and extended manufacturing schedules with ease and accuracy. The extra up-time with the robotic loaders also translates into increased capacity and reduced turn times for our customers The robotics addition brings reliable, efficient support to our induction heat treating facilities – helping our team improve productivity, and deliver high-quality, on-time parts to you.

Trust Zion Industries

Count on Zion Industries to handle your high-volume induction heat treating jobs. With more than 40 years of experience as a commercial heat treating company, we have built our reputation around our ability to provide world-class quality and customer service and competitive pricing. Founded in 1977, we are among the most respected induction heat treating specialists in Ohio, North Carolina, and Michigan. Contact us.

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