Induction Heat Treating Capacity: Answers to Your Questions

At Zion Industries, we have the capacity and variety of equipment to run just about any job. That differentiates us in the marketplace, and it’s why our customers place their trust, and their induction heat treating with us. We’ve just recently added more capacity and wanted to share some information with you about our capabilities. Here’s a quick Q&A that will tell you more about how we can serve you better than anyone else.  

Q:  How many facilities do you have?
A:  We operate three facilities with just under 30 induction units. We operate in Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina and serve the surrounding states as well. We have redundancy of equipotent in our plants and between our plants to ensure continuity of operations. 

Q:  How much capacity do you have?
A:  We operate machines across many different frequency and power levels, as such we have flexibility and capacity for many different kinds of projects and volume scenarios, some of our equipment is dedicated to larger running projects.

Q:  Do you operate high frequency machines?
A:  Yes. We have several in each plant and use them for a variety of parts, mostly small parts with shallower case depth requirements such as those with small gear teeth, small bearing areas, sealing surfaces and more.

Q:  Do you have medium frequency machines? 
A:  Yes. We use them for deeper case depth surfaces that require more strength. For example, we would use this machine for heat treating medium size gears and sprockets that are 4-8 inches in diameter and would have case depth requirement of .080” to about .120”.

Q:  What about low frequency machines? 
A:  Yes. We have several in each facility and they are used to heat treat larger parts or parts that that require significant strength, such as outdoor power equipment and automotive axles and spindles and heavy truck spindles.

Q:  What kind of parts and volumes does Zion typically work with?
A:  We are mostly a high-volume induction heat treater serving the automotive, power equipment, heavy truck, mining industries and defense. We are IATF-1949 certified and CQI-9 compliant. We induction heat treat axles, gears, spindles, sprockets, shafts and splined parts/hubs and a variety of fasteners and other components. Our typical project ranges from volumes of several thousand pieces and up to several million pieces. 

Q:  Will Zion reserve capacity and dedicate equipment for my large volume, repeat orders?
A:  Yes. We’ll work with you to come up with the best solution to meet your needs and currently have several pieces of equipment dedicated to just such scenarios. 

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