Induction Heat Treating Is Mission Critical

At Zion Industries we hear this phrase quite often, and we understand that all customers parts are “mission critical”, but every once in while the phrase takes on a higher sense of urgency.

We recently worked with a project that involved parts for the oil industry. It was explained that these parts were used to temporarily seal off gas and oil well casings while other work was being done above the seal zone. Thousands of feet underground and able to withstand up to 10,000 PSI of pressure, there was no doubt that they had to work perfectly each time. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and the worker’s safety are on the line. Also the environmental aspects of a failure became quite evident this past summer, as we can all recall the events in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to performing the heat treat, Zion Industries was also asked to perform secondary inspection services to individually test each part and verify that the heat treat had taken place properly. We are excited to be part of this important project.

We also perform heat treat on parts for the wind turbine industry and a number of parts for the mining industry. Whether hundreds of feet in the air or thousands of feet underground, these parts are mission critical. As many of the components end up in difficult to reach areas, the proper heat treatment is essential to a long service life and up time requirements. On a wind turbine for example, the repair or replacement of component will often involve cranes or helicopters and can result in tens thousands of dollars of lost time and repair expenses. In the mining industry, the components can be located thousands of feet underground; again repairs or replacements can be costly or may not even be possible to do underground, often resulting in lengthy and expensive disassembly and extraction of the equipment.

If you have a “mission critical” component that requires Induction heat treating, we would be honored to be entrusted with the process at Zion Industries.

Lou Ghinga
Zion Industries, Inc.

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