Heat Treating in Zion Industries' Michigan Facility

Michigan Heat Treating Plant

As you are probably aware from looking on our website, we have 2 other locations in addition to our plant in Valley City, Ohio– which, by the way, is also our corporate headquarters.  One is in Hildebran, North Carolina between Charlotte and Asheville off of  I-40 and the other is in Grand Ledge, Michigan.  All of our locations are TS-16949 Certified.

Our Grand Ledge, Michigan facility is near Lansing just about 1 mile South of I-96, right next to the local airport. I’ve often thought that it could be a great location for our customer’s out of town clients because they could just fly in to the airport and literally walk across the street to our plant. I’m sure the need to utilize that convenience is rare, but it is a great resource.

What makes this plant so unique is that it is the newest location for us – opened in 2005.  You’ll notice the pictures on our website indicate that it is a very modern facility, but what you don’t get to see is the high level of cleanliness (unless you visit us).  Also, because of the design of this building, we can easily expand our operations either internally by adding more equipment or externally by adding on to the building.  So if you ever have questions about capacity concerns – that’s never a problem at Zion.

Do you also know that one of the things that make us so different is that we design, engineer and fabricate all of our induction machines, including the induction coils and tooling?  Actually, we are not only self-sufficient, but also our long term sustainability is secured by not having to rely on others for our customer’s needs and by the wide diversity of industries that our customers represent.

Heat Treat Services in Michigan

Our plant offering heat treat services in Michigan is run by Mark Shoemaker and he’s backed up by Dave Rattay – our Quality Technician. Both Mark and Dave love a challenge and their depth of expertise is second to none. In fact we’d love for you to challenge them with your biggest induction heat treating problem.  As with all of our plants, Mark and Dave can help you on all levels from prototype and development up to large production runs in the millions of pieces.

All of our plants, including Grand Ledge, are open for you when you need us to be there. 3 shifts a day and Saturdays are normal for us. Remember that old fast food song from that place with the crown that went something like…”special orders don’t upset us”…? Well if that’s your “song”,  Mark and Dave know how to sing your tune…

I know, this is starting to sound a little cornball,  but we want to make it very clear to you;  we are committed to your success at any of our locations.  What can we help you with?  Better quality?  Better pricing?  Better turn around?  All of the above?  Challenge us! We’re here for you.  

John Bode
Zion Industries, Inc.

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